Operator 4.0
Human-Centered Manufacturing

Roles of people in Industry 4.0

The fast development of smart sensors and wearable devices has provided the opportunity to develop intelligent operator workspaces. The resultant Human-Cyber-Physical Systems (H-CPS)  integrate the operators into flexible and multi-purpose manufacturing processes. The primary enabling factor of the resultant Operator 4.0* paradigm is the integration of advanced sensor and actuator technologies and communications solutions. This work provides an extensive overview of these technologies and highlights that the design of future workplaces should be based on the concept of intelligent space.

Further information: https://doi.org/10.3390/app8091650.

*  Romero, David, et al. "Towards an operator 4.0 typology: a human-centric perspective on the fourth industrial revolution technologies." proceedings of the international conference on computers and industrial engineering (CIE46), Tianjin, China. 2016. - https://bit.ly/3pOi3gm

University of Pannonia

Department of Process Engineering

ELKH-PE Complex Systems Monitoring Research Group