Industry 5.0 Laboratory

Industry 5.0 laboratory

The Industry 5.0 laboratory at the University of Pannonia in Hungary demonstrates how a company can develop and apply the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 to make a human-centered working space. Behind the ELKH - PE Complex Systems Monitoring Research Lab, we call for research and industrial partners to a human-centric shop floor solution to make worthwhile production from the economic and human sides. We have the obligation and the excellent opportunity to shape these changes and challenges. For that, we are organising the Operator 4.0 community.

The Industry 5.0 laboratory prepares students for the development and application of Industry 5.0 technologies. We integrated the indoor positioning systems with machine-, operator- and environment-based sensor data to obtain real-time information from the shop floor. The digital twin of the laboratory is developed in a discrete event simulator, which integrates the data from the shop floor and can control the production based on the simulation results. The presented framework can be utilized to design education for the generation of Industry 5.0. You can read more about the laboratory our latest paper: Demonstration Laboratory of Industry 4.0 Retrofitting and Operator 4.0 Solutions: Education towards Industry 5.0